My busy life kept me away from going to any travel destination. Being a poet, I love to travel to places that have a lot of natural beauty as it will help me write good poems. But due to my financial situation, I was not able to do that. A few days back, I won a poetry competition and got a considerable amount of money. Then I decided that it’s now or never. While going through the travel packages, I came across just dreams Hawaii. I was relieved to know that the package was very affordable. Immediately, I booked tickets to Hawaii.

Hawaii is a land of natural wonders. It’s a dreamland for all the poets. The view of the ocean from the plane was breathtaking. Once I got down, I breathed the fresh Hawaiian tropical air. The greenish blue waters looked so irresistible. I selected a spot under a coconut tree and ideas came flooding. Within half an hour, I completed my first poem. In fact, the entire morning I kept writing poems. In the noon, I decided to go and swim with the dolphins. These lovely sea creatures had the face of a baby. They were so gentle and kind. It was a remarkable experience. Nothing could make me say that this place was filled with scammers. According to me just dreams scam was only a rumor.
In the evening, I was on the beach watching the sunset. The golden rays of the sun made the ocean glow in light. The view of the reddish orange sky was beyond description. The next day morning, I started off to see an active volcano in Big Island. It was a splendid view to see the lava flowing from the crater into the ocean. The Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is a famous tourist destination. It’s a perfect place for surfing. Though I am not a surfer, I still wanted to try. I got a surfing board and I started enjoying myself. The waves rose like a mighty army. It threw me off the board and I couldn’t control my laugher. I landed on the ground fully covered with the golden beach sand.
The next place I wanted to visit was the Diamond Head Crater. I went inside a tunnel and then climbed the stairs. It leads to the other side of the crater and the view from the top was awesome. The bluish color of the ocean and the cold mountain breeze made me forget myself. I did not miss to see the famous Pearl Harbor. The sight of the sunken ship made me recollect the history behind the World War II. I felt very patriotic on seeing the place.
This was a magical experience for me. Just Dreams Hawaii made it possible for me to see this wonderful gift of nature. My just dreams review is that there are many places to be seen and I will surely go next time to see the scenic beauty of this paradise on Earth.
First Post! 06/12/2011
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